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Information for Peer Reviewers
Peer reviews are of high importance to the editorial procedure and quality of the journal. A clear review is essential to guide authors in revising their manuscripts.
Guidelines for Reviewers:
Content of the Review
  •  Review should concentrate on the content of the manuscript, rather than editing it. Is the
content accurate and up-to-date? Has the author missed anything important?
  •  To check into unfamiliar sources cited by the author, are the sources reliable, or is itplagiarized? Is the material precisely represented? (All submissions are checked with a plagiarism detection software but if you find something suspicious, please mention it.
  •  Authors should refer to primary sources.
  •  If you comment that the manuscript should be revised, please make detailed comments to guide the author. If you comment that the manuscript should be rejected, please explain why.
Tone of the Review
Please run your account in a non-judgmental manner. If it is possible, please start with the positive points.
If the manuscript should be revised, comment encouragingly. Please avoid disparaging, critical
comments that are not helpful.
Conflicts of Interest
Please contact if you have any conflict of interest in reviewing this manuscript. Conflict of interest may include:
  •  Personal conflict; it can be a personal connection with the author or institution that may
affect you providing an unbiased review. Although identifying information is removed from the manuscript, you might detect the author's identity in other ways.
Financial conflict, or holding a financial interest in a product, firm, or institution referred to the manuscript.
  •  Academic conflict, or concern in publishing or not publishing the manuscript.
Manuscripts should be preserved as confidential material. If you want to benefit the expertise of a different reviewer, please contact before doing so. Please destroy the manuscript once you reviewed, and keep a copy of your review account for three months.
If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us.
If you are keen on being a reviewer for AHS, please send your resume/CV to,

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